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Dallas Solar Screens

The real advantage to solar screens to cool your Dallas Fort Worth home is that they are one of the most inexpensive solutions available to cool down your house and increase it’s energy efficiency.

The price per window is $150 for a standard size 3x5ft window. Compared to complete window replacement, this is definitely a cheaper option. Solar screens can also provide some privacy for the interior of your home during the day; however, you should know that if you have lights on in the house at night, the screens will no longer block the view into the house from the outside.

solar window screen installation service dfw

Solar Screen Prices

Price per window – $150 (up to 3×5 ft)
Add on a Grid – $75 / window (3/4” frames)

* Price includes Suntex materials and installation.
* Prices vary according to window shapes and sizes. Call us for a custom quote.

Solar Screens in Dallas Ft Worth are typically installed on the outside of windows, essentially blacking them out on the exterior yet still allowing transparency from the interior. They significantly help make your DFW home more energy efficient.

UV Blockage

At DFW Air Care, our solar screens are made of special window screen mesh by Suntex in either 80% UV blockage or 90% UV blockage. The advantage of 90% is of course the higher amount of energy efficiency. The advantage of 80% is a more transparent window, though 80% can also make blinds and existing window grids visible from the exterior. The Dallas house above is having 80% suntex dark-broze window solar screens installed.

Solar Screens with a Grid

Dallas home with window solar screen that have grids

Chances are, most color screens you’ve seen are just big black boxes. With our screens, we offer beautiful grids that are sure to increase your home’s curb appeal. The may not be necessary for all parts of the house, but we highly recommend putting them in the front. Solar Screen Grids are also highly recommended on the sides of houses that sit on corner lots.

Dallas Solar Screen Options

SunTex dallas solar screen installation color options

Suntex solar screens come in a variety of colors. In our experience, from a curb-appeal and cosmetic standpoint, 90% black or dark bronze sun screens are highly highly recommended, but a tan or grey can make sense in a few rare occasions. Give us a call and we or email and will come to your house to give you a free estimate and also to show you samples so you can make an informed decision.

A fort worth Texas house in DFW with suntex sun solar window screens installed by DFW air care