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New and Replacement AC Systems

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Tired of sweating through every summer? Learn how you can save money with a more energy efficient A/C unit.

Here in Dallas / Fort Worth, air conditioners aren’t just a luxury, but a necessity during the summer months. Newer A/C units are quieter, more powerful and more energy efficient than earlier models, and they can offer greater value by helping to lower energy bills each month.

Choosing the right size Air Conditioner:

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The first step in getting a new air conditioner installed is determining what size you need. You don’t want one without sufficient power to cool your home, but you also don’t want something too big, as it could short cycle. If your house was build before 2008, it’s likely that your A/C unit is smaller than it should be, and not nearly efficient enough.

A/C units are measured in tons, which refers to the amount of heat they can remove from a home in one hour. A one-ton unit, for example, can remove 12,000 BTUs, while a three-ton system will remove 36,000. The larger your house, the more cooling power you’ll need: A 1,600-square-foot house, for example, might be well served by a two-and-a-half-ton unit.

New A/C Size Recommendations in DFW

1000 – 1300 sq ft = 2.0 Ton
1300 – 1600 sq ft = 2.5 Ton
1600 – 1900 sq ft = 3.0 Ton
1900 – 2200 sq ft = 3.5 Ton
2200 – 2500 sq ft = 4.0 Ton
2500 – 3100 sq ft = 5.0 Ton

New & Replacement A/C Units in DFW

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There are three parts to an A/C Unit. The Condenser, (outside), the evaporator coils (cooling inside) and the furnace (heating inside). By replacing all three at once, you save signifiant costs and have perfect compatibly and incurably efficiency. These prices include all three parts, installation or a new replacement Air Conditioning unit and haul away of the old units. We will even include a new pad if needed. We use Goodman 14 SEER high efficiency systems that run off the environmentally friendly r401a refrigerant and not r22.

Replacement A/C & Furnace Prices INSTALLED! – **Current SALE**
2.0 Ton  $7500 – Now: $6500
2.5 Ton  $7700 – Now: $6600
3.0 Ton  $8000 – Now: $6700
3.5 Ton  $8800 – Now: $6800
4.0 Ton  $9300 – Now: $7000
5.0 Ton  $10200 – Now: $9000

Two story home?
Take an additional $1000 OFF your second unit if doing two at once.

**Discounted prices will be honored through October 2016
**Complete Unit: Includes Condenser, Coils and Furnace!
**Prices are for replacement units with air ducts, vents and returns already installed.

Though they rarely do, prices are subject to change upon inspection of home / unit.