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Attic Insulation

DFW Air Care is an AC and energy efficiency company in Dallas Fort Worth that offers attic insulation.  Attic Insulation is the cheapest and easiest way to minimize heat from coming into your house and keep you cool. If you do not have an energy-star home, chances are your insulation is not adequate. We can help!


Insulation Price:

$2.5 per square foot cellulose
$2 per square foot fiberglass

*Price includes material and installation.

Our prices are well under market value! See comparable prices for R30 Cellulose here:

Why Cellulose?

We consider cellulose the most effective, efficient, longest-lasting and safest material you can use. Cellulose has many advantages over fiberglass; it has a lifetime warranty, is permanently non-flammable and resistant to rodents, insects and mold. It also has soundproofing qualities and does not itch. Best of all, cellulose is non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly, which is what we’re all about here at DFW Air Care.

Cellulose attains an R-30 rating with 8.1-inches of thickness, whereas fiberglass needs be about 12-inches thick to achieve the same performance, this makes cellulose far more effective per inch. Unlike fiberglass, cellulose has no hazard/warning labels. The product is rigorously tested and approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, OSHA and the Underwriters Laboratories, UL label.

Cellulose is made from reconstituted wood fiber product, which includes newspaper, cardboard and other wood related products. While some would imagine this to be flammable, the cellulose is treated with borate to be permanently non-flammable. Cellulose carries an ASTM Class 1 rating and meets specifications set by federal, state and local building authorities for being non-flammable.

Cellulose is only available as a loose-fill (blown) material. You can actually hold a match or torch to the product and it will not burn! Read more comparisons at: